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What we do

LDIF – Linked Data Integration Framework

LDIF is a novel open-source Linked Data Integration Framework that addresses prevalent Linked Data integration issues for application developers. LDIF translates heterogeneous Linked Data from the Web into a clean, local target representation while keeping track of data provenance.

LDIF is a joint project with the Web-based Systems Group of Freie Universität Berlin and quickly maturing, with support for in-memory, triple store (TDB) and cluster (Hadoop) deployments.

Funding is provided by Vulcan, Inc. as part of its Project Halo.


We provide engineering and consulting services to organizations that seek to publish, consume and transform Linked Data.
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Meet the Team

Christian Becker

Team Lead

Christian has been active in the Semantic Web field since 2007 and a core developer of DBpedia, D2R Server and Marbles.
Before joining MES, he held engineering positions in corporate and start-up environments. Christian holds a Diploma (MSc) in Business Administration from Freie Universität Berlin.

Andrea Matteini

Software Engineer

Andrea joined MES in 2010 and is mainly involved in the LDIF project. He has several years of consulting experience and has been involved with Semantic Web technologies since 2005.
He holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Florence and moved to Berlin for a job he enjoys.

Magnus Niemann

Software Engineer

Magnus is working as a consultant, architect and trainer within Semantic Technologies since 2004. He joined MES in 2010 to support development in the SMW-LDE and LDIF projects. Magnus is a certified Semantic Technologies Academy Trainer by STI International and holds a Diploma (MSc) in Computer Science from Technische Universität Berlin.

Andreas Schultz

Software Engineer

Andreas is the main author of the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark (BSBM), the de-facto standard benchmark for RDF stores, and the R2R Framework. He is a core developer of LDIF, the Linked Open Data Integration Benchmark (LODIB) and has contributed to the EU FP7 projects LOD2 and LATC. Andreas holds a Diploma (MSc) in Computer Science from Freie Universität Berlin.

Publications and Talks



  • Andreas Schultz, Andrea Matteini, Robert Isele, Christian Bizer, Christian Becker: LDIF – Linked Data Integration Framework. 2nd International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data, Bonn, Germany, October 2011.